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How to Change Apple Watch Bands 2024: Quick Step-by-Step

Transform your Apple Watch's look in moments with our straightforward guide on "How to Change Apple Watch Bands".

Whether you're updating for a new season or just switching up your style, we'll show you the quick and easy steps to customize your smartwatch.

How to Change Apple Watch Bands?


Get ready for a quick makeover for your Apple Watch! Changing your band is a simple way to give your watch a brand new look that aligns with your style or the occasion.

Identify Your Apple Watch Model

First things first, you need to know which Apple Watch model you have. This is key because the band size depends on the case size of your watch.

For instance, if you own an Apple Watch SE or an Apple Watch Ultra, each has specific band sizes—38mm, 42mm, or a 45mm band option.

So take a moment to check the back of your watch case or peek in your Apple Watch's settings to confirm your model and case size.

Gathering Necessary Tools

You won't need an overflowing toolbox—an excitement to personalize your look is enough!

Just make sure you have a clean, soft surface to work on, like a microfiber cloth, to protect your Apple Watch during the transformation.

No specialized tools required; your Apple Watch is designed with simplicity in mind, allowing for effortless band changes.

Changing the Band on Your Apple Watch

A hand reaches for an Apple Watch, removing the current band and replacing it with a new one

Switching up your look or replacing an old band on your Apple Watch is a breeze! You'll be able to express your unique style with a new band in no time.

Removing the Old Apple Watch Band

  • Locate the Band Release Buttons: On the back of your Apple Watch, identify the two band release buttons.
  • Remove the Band: Gently press and hold the release button for the band you wish to remove.
  • While holding it down, smoothly slide the band out of its slot.

Attaching the New Band

  • Align the New Band: Take your new band and align it with the slot on your Apple Watch. Make sure that the text on the back of the band is facing you.
  • Click the Band into Place: Slide the band into the slot until you feel and hear a soft "click," signaling that the band is securely fastened.

Customization and Care for Your Apple Watch Band

A hand reaches for an Apple Watch, removing the current band and selecting a new one from a variety of options. The band is then carefully attached to the watch, showcasing the process of customization and care

Your Apple Watch is not just a device; it's a statement! With the right band, you can tailor its look to fit every occasion, outfit, or activity.

Remember, while customizing for style, it's just as important to maintain your bands so they stay vibrant and comfortable.

Choosing the Right Band for Your Lifestyle

Active Lifestyles: If you’re always on the go or enjoy working out, silicone options like the Solo Loop or Braided Solo Loop are perfect.

These bands are flexible, durable, and easily washable—ideal for daily exercise or outdoor adventures.

Professional Settings: Want to make an impression at work or social events? The Milanese Loop or Link Bracelet adds a touch of sophistication.

Their stainless steel finish offers a sleek look that pairs well with business attire or formal wear.

Everyday Use: For versatile daily wear, explore the numerous colors and materials available at

Here's a quick reference to match your lifestyle with the perfect band:

Lifestyle Fabric Band Type Where to Buy
Active Silicone Solo Loop, Braided Solo Loop Smarlix, Apple Store
Professional Stainless Steel Milanese Loop, Link Bracelet Smarlix, Apple Store
Casual/Everyday Various Many Varieties Smalix, Apple Store

Maintaining and Cleaning Your Bands

Leather and Metal Bands: Gently wipe your leather bands with a non-abrasive, lint-free cloth. Use a little water if necessary. For metal bands like the Milanese Loop, you can also use a soft cloth. Avoid using soaps or cleaning products that can degrade the material over time.

Silicone and Nylon Bands: These can often be cleaned more rigorously. For bands like the Solo Loop, remove the band from your Apple Watch and wash with mild soap and water. Be sure to dry these bands thoroughly before reattaching to prevent moisture damage to your Apple Watch.

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