How to Put Apple Watch Band On: An Apple Watch lies on a flat surface, with a new band next to it. The old band is being removed, while the new one is being attached

How to Put Apple Watch Band On 2024: Quick Step-by-Step

Personalize your tech in a snap with our helpful guide, "How to Put Apple Watch Band On".

Learn the simple and secure way to attach your chosen band, ensuring your Apple Watch is ready to wear and impress in no time.

Preparing to Change Your Apple Watch Band



Identifying Your Apple Watch Model

Your first step is to ensure you get a band that fits by knowing your Apple Watch model.

Look on the back of your watch for the engraved model number that indicates the case sizes.

  • Apple Watch Series 9: 41mm or 45mm
  • Apple Watch SE: 38mm, 40mm, or 44mm
  • Apple Watch Ultra: 49mm

Remember, newer models like the Series 9 might not fit older bands, and the Apple Watch Ultra requires a band designed for its larger size.

Gathering Necessary Accessories

Before you start, you need a clean, flat surface to work on—a microfiber cloth or soft padded mat can prevent scratches.

Have your new band ready; check it's compatible with your Apple Watch model:

  • 38mm and 40mm bands are interchangeable
  • 41mm and 44mm Apple Watch bands can work together
  • 45mm and 49mm bands are unique to their respective larger models

How to Put Apple Watch Band On:

An Apple Watch lies on a flat surface. A hand reaches for the band, then effortlessly slides it into place on the watch face

Swapping out your Apple Watch band is a simple way to personalize and give your smartwatch a fresh look. Before you start, ensure that you're handling your watch and bands with care.

Removing the Current Band

First, lay your Apple Watch face down on a soft, padded surface to avoid scratches.

Locate the band release button—you'll find one at each end of the back of the watch.

Gently press and hold the release button while sliding the band across to remove it from the slot.

Don't use force; the band should release easily.

Attaching the New Band

To add your new band, align the new band with the slot—ensuring that the band is not upside down—and slide it in.

You will feel a click once the band locks into place.

For a loop band, sport band, Milanese loop, braided solo loop, or stainless steel option, the process is just as straightforward.

Slide until it's secure, and it's ready to wear!

Customizing Your Apple Watch Experience

An Apple Watch with a detachable band, being swapped out for a new one using the quick-release mechanism

Your Apple Watch is not just a piece of technology; it's a reflection of your personal style and a companion that's with you throughout the day.

This section will guide you through pairing the watch with your iPhone for a streamlined experience and aligning the settings to match your fashion sense and lifestyle needs.

Pairing With the Watch App

To initiate the journey of personalization, begin by pairing your Apple Watch with your iPhone using the Watch app.

It's a simple process where you open the app on your phone and then tap 'Start Pairing'.

Line up your watch with the camera's viewfinder on your phone to automatically establish the connection.

This initial step integrates your watch with your phone, providing control over notifications, watch faces, and accessories.

Adjusting Settings for Comfort and Style

Once paired, tap into the style and fashion elements by adjusting settings for comfort.

Navigate to the Watch app to customize watch faces, selecting colors and styles that express your personal aesthetic.

You can also customize complications like heart rate, workouts, or compass directions for quick access in a glance.

For comfort, ensure the watch fits snugly against your wrist without being too tight.

This not only provides better heart rate readings but also makes it more comfortable for daily wear.

Go into your Watch settings to tweak the orientation according to whether you're left or right-handed—this ensures screen gestures and buttons feel intuitive to use.

Further tailor your Apple Watch experience by exploring different attachment mechanisms and straps that match your fashion sense.

Find bands that cater to different occasions—be it for a workout session or a formal event, there are endless possibilities to match your style.


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